“The more you learn, the
more you earn”
-Warren Buffet


Unleash Your Future, Create Your Dream & Learn the Financial Wisdom to Achieve it.

Self Paced Learning

Intellectual Takeaways

Fun Activities

Real Time Experiences


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Why this course?

Specially Curated Financial Literacy Program for Teens

- No TextBook
- Revolutionize your learning experience

Mind-fully Crafted Curriculum

- Perfect blend of conceptual and skill based learning
- Developmentally appropriate Curriculum

Learner Centered Delivery Approach

- Connecting through comic styles
- Learn by doing

What you’ll learn?

Discover Your Purpose: 3P’s of Purpose

- Perspective
- Perseverance
- Patience

Inculcate one of the major life skills:
Personal Finance Management
4 strong “LEGS” of Finance

- L: Learn
- E: Earn
- S: Save
- G: Goals

For the betterment of your future:
LOAD yourself with

- L: Legit Knowledge
- D: Dynamic Confidence
- A: Ardent Attitude
- O: Optimal Efforts
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The Curriculum

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Designed: To Give Personal Experience

- Comic style storyline with different episodes
- Instilling specific learning outcomes
- Real life activity experience
- Personalised Learning Experience

Emphasizes on: Don’t learn from someone else’s story.
Build your own!

- Dream for your better future
- Understand what will be needed to achieve it
- Start planning, strategizing
- Take actions in that direction

Covers: All the intrinsic aspects of personal finance addressed under these major competencies

- Generate Adequate Income
- Manage Personal Finances
- Conscientious Use of Finances
- Adequate Planning for the Future

Teaches: To be a better self

- The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.
- Exchange ideas, thoughts with others. Take inspiration.