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IAMIN-WORLD offers a Financial Literacy Program specially designed for kids and teens to become money-smart! We are on a mission to make this world financially literate. Our program helps children successfully deal with, and excel finance-related situations in their lives and makes them future-ready.

Learning Financial literacy is not a one-time thing. It’s a gradual process of inculcating personal finance habits. We emphasise on L-I-E, Learning, Implementing and Experiencing financial skills in real life. It is a self-paced, ‘learn it anywhere’ and ‘implement it everywhere’ kind of a life skill development program. This entails a web-series format educative storyline where one episode unlocks every week – your kid will look forward for it!

Money is one thing everyone needs to deal with day in, day out. Understanding various concepts and handling money effectively is a crucial life skill for the future of your kids. Learning financial literacy at an early age will benefit them on a personal as well as social level.

IAMIN-WORLD’s Financial Literacy Program currently spans for the age group of “1st graders to 12th graders”. Anyone and everyone falling under the age bracket of “6 years to 18 years” can enroll in our program.

“For price related information of program, please do visit the Program section on our website, or in app.

Our unique learning-outcome based approach clarifies concepts and gives children hands-on experience with real-time money as well. For an in-depth understanding of concepts, we have given appropriate links wherever needed. In case of further doubts, the child can post queries in the designated section on the platform which will be answered by the SME at the earliest.

IAMIN-WORLD’s program is divided into four age groups. Our program complements Kid’s curriculum and takes them one step ahead with its experience-based learning approach.

Kids & Teens are becoming aware of finance and income. Having a complete understanding of finances, and managing it is an absolute necessity in today’s age. Unfortunately it is taken for granted and not addressed at the school level. We are bringing the change we need in our society. Inculcating personal finance management habits in children will help them in becoming money-smart. This will also boost their confidence in taking crucial life decisions.

Absolutely. At IAMIN-WORLD, we train through various activities, web-series & comic style learning. As we all know, stories have an impact on Kids, especially when they feel being part of one. Stories can change kid’s perception towards reality. These indirect learning methods help in developing interest towards this life skill.

We believe one mantra, when it comes to finance as a life skill- “Early to learn, early to rise, makes one wealthy and wise.” We have age & grade based categories, and learnings are explained accordingly. Guided learning with IAMIN WORLD and parent’s supervision imbibes the personal finance management skills in children.

First, you will have to get the kid enrolled on the program. After the enrolling procedure, parent and child will get their own login credentials. Using these credentials, the guided tour will make the use of the app easy. “Note that the app is only for students of grade 7 and above.”

There is a payment gateway at our platform. You can follow the instructions on the platform and pay using various options like credit/debit card, net banking, UPI, etc.

Currently the content is available in English Language.

Yes. We have different competency frameworks and learning outcomes designed for different age groups. Kids will receive a special certificate in their names upon successful completion of their course. Hence, you will need to choose individual subscription for them.

We believe that Kids biggest competitor should be their own selves. This belief restricts the grading system for our program. We at IAMIN-WORLD encourage self-paced, self-competency and skill-oriented learning wherein the child can self-reflect, learn and progress through assessments.

IAMIN-WORLD Prepaid card is available for all premium users who fall under the bracket of 7th – 12th Graders

“The balance limit on the card is Rs. 10,000/- per month Upon completion of Full-KYC as per RBI the limit can increase upto Rs. 1,00,000/- “

For one-time enrollment procedure we need: 1 Parent and/or child’s phone number/s 2 Parent’s PAN Card Number 3 Payment gear/instrument for upgrading to premium plan (optional).

No, Your kid’s personal information data is safe with us. We do not use it for any other purpose.

Yes. It is safe & convenient. It is numberless, SSL encrypted, gives account alerts, account safeguard facility and bank level security. One can block or pause the card anytime.